Life at SlightEdge

We attribute this tremendous growth to two ideals. The first is our innovative marketing and sales strategies. We execute outsourced sales and client acquisitions with the small to mid-sized customers for our clients. The second ideal is our underlying desire to care for the security and growth of our clients and employees. We beat the competition by the strength of our people and the corporations we represent. No one can match our professionalism, integrity, and commitment. Our people deliver outstanding service to our customers as well as participate in a comprehensive training program in sales, business, and management. We believe that we can only achieve our company goals if the individuals that work with us have the same opportunity. We want to see our people succeed in every area of their lives, and we strive to help in any way we can.


Being focused on entrepreneurship, community involvement and personal development, we bring a new meaning to work life balance.

Our people advance, without exception, purely on the results they generate. Age and tenure are meaningless measures at SlightEdge.  We are a company built around relationships. Putting people together with a plan to achieve their goals is what we do. Employees develop an appreciation for discipline and follow through, as they work hand in hand with the most energetic go-getters around. Along the way, they develop great working relationships within a team environment.

Most organizations are built on an every-man-for-himself model. Even in a large company, everything is a solo deal. We are different. We know that teamwork pays off. No one succeeds alone. We know that our success is dependent on finding and developing solid team players. That is why we focus our own recruiting on identifying those with the inherent qualities to succeed: discipline, commitment, character, and personality. We look for the right type of person (who may or may not have experience), and then introduce personal and professional leadership principles to further their career. The result is success, and for a simple reason: our employees are continuing to learn and grow. If you're the kind of ambitious, energetic, charismatic pro we believe you are, you can be very successful here.

It is not uncommon to see our team dining out together after a long day of work or even grabbing a coffee in the morning to plan out the day. You can also find many of our employees at the gym in the morning or even volunteering together on the weekends: not to mention cheering on the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and 76ers.

We depend on employees exceeding career goals that they never thought possible. We don't expect our new employees to have refined management skills when we bring them on board. We understand most talent is intrinsic but we believe that some of the most necessary and useful skills can be taught.

Initially, we hire people based on talent and potential. Then the pressure is to make sure that our employees are getting the training that will make them the confident partner we know they can be. We approach this challenge from several angles while training each day.

As our client list continually expands, so does the demand for our services and the need for leadership. For this reason, we have created a leadership development program through which our sharpest people quickly ascend the corporate ladder, and begin a rewarding career built on sound business principles. The following types of training provide all employees with a dynamic education in sales and marketing that facilitates both personal and professional growth.

Our Philosophies are simple, but strong.

  • We strive to create an environment that is conducive to developing a strong leadership core. We provide hands-on training at every level of the company.
  • We promote only from within our own company, and we reward employees based on their effort and dedication, not on seniority.
  • We advocate the principles of leadership and action over the title of management.
  • We encourage personal development, because we know the growth of our company will only occur if we endeavor to develop our employees to their fullest potential.
  • We train the senior level management staff ourselves, from the ground up - beginning at the entry level position.

In Office Training

We provide morning training sessions every day. Our goal is to be able to provide all the resources. These meetings are not only used to teach specific skills, but they are also used to get everyone positively charged up for the day ahead. There are classroom sessions for all levels of management to make sure that our entire staff continues to develop as fully as possible.

Practical Training

Every executive and manager at SlightEdge began as an entry-level, and has grown through the ranks. They hold a wealth of knowledge about the challenges the employees face, and they understand the value of mentoring and its impact on personal growth. At SlightEdge, managers do not operate behind closed doors. Instead, they are right there coaching employees and are available to provide on-the-spot training and advice when challenges arise.

Development Program

Through years of trial and error, we have honed in on the development path that leads to career success. We have mapped it all out. We provide employees with self-assessment tools and career timelines to chart their progress. Employees should never feel the pain of career stagnation. Employees know where they stand, and know what needs to be accomplished to move ahead.

Performance Based

We put all these training programs in place to help employees reach their professional goals, but also to build the future of our company. We are running a business. The business we're running is a true meritocracy. Simply put, when an employee develops and performs well, he or she will advance. Our belief in 100% promotion from within gives our people the proper training and support they will need to be successful in the sales and marketing industry. Here, at SlightEdge, our biggest investment is in our people. Therefore, we are constantly training, motivating, and grooming our next generation of future leaders.