Our People Come First

SlightEdge's explosive growth and success has been accredited to the core values of our company: Entrepreneurship, Community Involvement, Personal Growth.


Through years of trial and error, we have honed in on the development path that leads to exceeding the expectations of our clients. We have mapped it all out. We provide employees with self-assessment tools and career timelines to chart their progress. Employees should never feel the pain of career stagnation. Our employees know where they stand, and know what needs to be accomplished to move ahead. When we grow, our clients grow.

With dedication to these training and development programs, SlightEdge is also able to get on the level of our customers to cater to their needs and better serve them. With this leadership and expansion we have a proven track record with working with twelve different Industry Leading companies serving a variety of industries.

The programs in place map out a career track and advancement program that has been proven to be extremely successful. Promotions for employees are based on merit. Employees are rewarded based on their efforts and dedication; not seniority. This clear and concise path is put forward towards achieving the next level of success so every employee knows where they stand and what they must do to move forward.

We train the senior level management staff ourselves

  • We strive to create an environment that is conducive to developing a strong leadership core
  • We provide hands-on training at every level of the company
  • We encourage personal development, because we know the growth of our company will only occur if we endeavor to develop our employees to their fullest potential
  • We promote only from within our own company, and we reward employees based on their effort and dedication, not on seniority
  • With a development program for each of our staff members, SlightEdge provides the assistance and encouragement that each employee needs to meet their personal and professional goals.