The Balance at SlightEdge

A solid foundation of core systems, hands on training, management opportunity and continued promotions.

Our team is made up of highly motivated, entrepreneurial minded individuals and it stems from our mentality. Our people are motivated by the opportunity to be promoted from within.  Here an individual directly impacts their future and upward mobility. We all work hard to attract, train and continuously develop an incredible team of people. The people that work here have all contributed immensely to our past success and with the results we have been getting, there is plenty more to come. Through our management training program, it is our obligation to our client to develop an individual to deal directly with their customers, teach them how to effectively train, manage and ultimately oversee all business operations. What you get with all of that is a positive work environment with honesty, integrity, motivation and professionalism.


We believe in order to be successful our company needs to have a strong foundation. For this to be strong, our employees learn the systems, sales & marketing techniques and client knowledge.  Our team members are going to gain confidence not only in themselves, but in their leadership, public speaking and time management skills. We care about individual achievement but we compete as a team. You will be assigned a mentor to guide and develop you to be successful with us. Every day we provide hands on training as well as mentorship from the employees and executive team to help learn and success.

Our client recognizes the benefits and effectiveness of our training and business model, which is why they are asking for us to grow internally.

Brand Ambassador

Once somebody has developed and successfully learned the sales and marketing techniques for our client we are going to have them be more involved in our company. They will meet on a daily basis with our customers to maintain and build client relationships. With the mastering of these areas, they will now play a big role in learning how to coach and develop. To do this they’ll be a part of training and development meetings for not only the client but SlightEdge. They will need to generate reports to show profits and oversee a group of people, provide classroom style teaching and hands on field training. To impact the growth of our client and company they will also be a part of the recruiting and interviewing process.  With the management training program in full swing, an individual is going to be involved with all aspect of the business.


We believe that most people are successful with the right training, motivation and when they are well matched with their jobs. Through the training program we are going to focus on their strengths to help them grow internally and advance. After mastering the sales and marketing techniques, coaching and training methods, the next step is to learn more about the operational aspects of management. They’ll learn the human resource and financial aspects. With continued growth, they can become a liaison for the client. This will allow them to run their own show, be their own boss and run an efficient location for our client. This is going to be a direct reflection of the work ethic, passion and drive they put into the management training program.

As our clients are growing, there is a demand for expansion. We are foreshadowing this expansion to this year. Due to this, we need to make sure that SlightEdge is compiled of a group of diverse, multi-talented individuals to see this success out.

If you consider yourself to be motivated, self-directed, independent hard working or a team player you may be a good fit for our company. We believe that the things in life are worth having are worth working for.