Our innovative approach is what in the end will separate us from the competition.

SlightEdge's direct and innovative approach allows us not only to meet in-person with customers, but also to connect with them and build rapport. We allow large brand companies to communicate straight to the customer. With advertising techniques such as mobile messaging, email, consumer websites, online display ads, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, and outdoor advertising, there is no room for relationship building.

As the demands for new products and services are constantly growing, companies struggle to keep pace with consumers. SlightEdge is able to accelerate the time between a marketing campaign hitting the shelves and how fast consumers buy. Within weeks, our professional team can help your business lower investment costs of indirect marketing and gain more market share through our fast, innovative approach.



In business the best way to predict the future is to create it. With our innovative approach we are able position ourselves in a way to gain a competitive advantage for our clients and bring them the results they need. This is done by having an influence on our customers through brand differentiation, expectations and functionality, benefits, and value of the brand.



A brand is the identity of an organization or product derived from customer perception of rational and emotional attributes. Our clients’ brand is extremely important to us. Being innovative with our strategy allows us to deliver our clients’ brand to the customer directly and communicate the key benefits and attributes in which it represents.



Delivering optimal customer experience is at the top of our priority list. In today’s hyper-competitive and hyper-connected global market place, differentiation is critical for our clients. We are able to create this differentiation and excellent customer experience by delivering information at speed-to-market ability. In addition, we are able to actively listen to the customer, cater to and acknowledge their needs.

We carry our clients’ brand values with integrity and deliver our clients’ brand promises. We build strong relationships with the customers and take on the role of establishing a personal and meaningful connection. We thrive on providing solutions that meet the customers’ needs and expectations. It is our commitment to give the customers the best service possible each and every day. We take the time to make that personal connection and educate the customer to ensure a seamless process.

Our Corporate Approach is the game changer...

Corporate approach means making decisions at an executive level on “where to play” and “how to win”. At SlightEdge, our executive team looks at the specific needs of our clients and their customers and how we can serve them best. This is then transpired through each of the team members with one-on-one coaching and mentorships. With this overall team environment we are all able to work together to achieve our goals and clients goals with success of the company.

Our team is able to put a face to our client's brand and emphasize a focus on the customer, data, and accountability: all in-person. Our employees are trained efficiently on how to connect with the customer on a personal level with a firm hand shake and warm smile while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Our corporate approach has provided increasingly positive results for many years. At SlightEdge, we believe it is a direct result of the unique career path that is effectively in place for our employees. We have done this by strategically implementing a mentoring program in which every employee is individually catered to. Because each and every one of our team members have personally climbed through the ranks, they are able to coach in areas they have already experienced. We do not expect our employees to have a vast corporate background because our mentoring program gives all the necessary tools to achieve success in both entry level and management. Daily coaching allows our newest staff members to constantly be guided in the direction leading them to positive progression. This also unveils an opportunity for our future managers to truly understand and master the art of teaching. At PrimeTime, we truly believe that teamwork is a core value in order for us to provide opportunity and results for both our team members and loyal clients.

Our team thirsts for constant growth.  In order for our employees to reach an optimum level of progression, we spend time helping in areas that will benefit them inside and outside the office. Having and building strong relationships as a team has lead us to consistently meet the needs of our ambitious employees. Relationships evolve simply from us spending physical time with one another as well as engaging in effective communication. The coupling of time and communication ignites endless opportunities to achieve both personal and professional goals for our employees as well as our company.